Cost Saving

Team Leasing

Organising a highly-skilled, agile and constantly changing workforce is not straightforward. In fact it is very complicated, especially when you have a niche project with tight deadlines, diverse skill-sets, and a headache just thinking about it all. That’s why companies come to Square One, to take comfort in the knowledge their project is in good hands, and are being provided a service that can be remodelled to reflect the complexities of the project at any time.

Since no two projects are alike, and no ‘one size fits all’ service exists, we personalise our service to fit your project needs. Providing a dedicated account manager to manage the project, you can sit back and count the money saved.


With over 55,000 IT specialists on our database and expert head hunters at the ready, we waste no time hiring specialist staff that we know and trust, so your project can start the moment you get in touch with us.

Project Stability

It sounds so simple but in reality we take on all responsibility of the task, to ensure the right skill-set is hired, and the workforce scaled accordingly when the project requires it. We closely monitor the output of each team member to guarantee that deadlines are met, and the project is stable throughout its life cycle, all whilst reporting directly to you to manage any necessary adjustments.

With transparency at the forefront of our service we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships with both candidates and clients, so you can expect us to deliver everything we promise without hidden costs or binding contracts.
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See us in action

Read our case study

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