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Managed Services

Balancing the man hours spent, with the quality of the work delivered can be time-consuming; no one ever said it was easy managing people, and there’s a reason why. It’s no wonder companies are turning to managed service providers like ourselves to become the master of jugglers, and to take the pressure off being an employer; your time is precious.

Tailored Service

Specialist projects require equally as specialist staff, and that’s our biggest asset; our database of trusted contractors. Its all so straightforward – you tell us the service you want us to provide, how you want it reported, our KPI’s and finally what your budget is; then you get to take a step back, knowing we’ve got the best contractors working for you.

Everything Taken Care Of

Negotiating & signing contracts and ensuring contractors are paid on time, every time, are all managed internally by our huge back office team; so you only need to worry about the work you want us to achieve, and we take care of the rest.

There’s a reason why companies come back to Square One; we pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, so you can expect the best from us.
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See us in action

Read our case study

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